Welcome to the Emerald Report, a new website about the evolving business, politics, science and culture of cannabis in Northern California and beyond. With the passage of Proposition 64, allowing for recreational use of marijuana, our North Coast region will be at the heart of a national experiment in ending marijuana prohibition.

And this is our story to help tell, as residents, patients, business owners, and journalists in located in Sonoma County, California—the Gateway to the Emerald Triangle, the nation’s largest producer of cannabis.

“Sonoma County is at the center of one of the biggest news stories in the country,” said Steve Falk, CEO of Sonoma Media Investments.  “With the passage of Prop 64, some say the cannabis industry could quickly grow to a level equal to our wine industry.  The EmeraldReport.com will cover every aspect of this story as it develops in the months ahead as we continue our commitment to local journalism,” Falk added.

We look forward to shedding some light on an industry that’s been hidden in shadows for decades, answering the many questions we all have about how policy will be implemented, how medical usage will change and how the green rush will affect our Northern California neighbors.

Expect stories from our newsroom on the emerging policies, business opportunities and effects of cannabis on our communities (both good and bad), along with cannabis lifestyle reports on locally-available strains, health news and events.

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